Non Domestic (Commercial) EPCs
From 1 October 2008 sellers and landlords will be required by
law to provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for
all buildings or parts of buildings when they are sold or rented.

Those carrying out the construction of a building will be
required to provide an EPC to the owner.

An Energy Performance Certificate gives prospective buyers
or tenants information on the energy efficiency and carbon
emissions of a building.

The certificate will be phased in from April 6 2008 when
buildings sold, rented or built with a total floor area of more
than 10,000sq m will require one.

From 1 July 2008, this extends to buildings with a total
floor area greater than 2,500 sq m. From 1 October 2008
all remaining commercial buildings will require an EPC
on sale or rental or upon construction.